4. James Monette Rev (9) was born on May 31 1781 in Calvert Co., Maryland.(10) He Meth. in Am. First Account in Greene Co., Ala. in 1818.(11) "The first account had of the preaching of the Gospel in Greene was in 1818. In that year Rev. James Monette, a Methodist preacher, cultivated a crop near to, and preached in Troy. In 1819 he removed to Erie, and his house was used for many years as a place of worship."p.61.

He was in 1819 in Erie, Green County, Ala..(12) "George Nagle, a Birmingham News Staff writer, wrote an article on Old Erie,'a ghost town.' From 1819 to 1838, Erie was the county seat of Greene County and was inhadited by some 1,500 citizens who 'dwelt in pomp and circumstances with all the bickerings and intrique, the ambitions, love and hate that surrounds a prosperous town.' It was here that James Monett, first Methodist preacher in Greene Co., preached and some of the French settlers from Demopolis finally settled. Things went well with Erie until a calamity hit the place. A river boat discharged a sick slave at the docks one night, leaving him in the care of dock hands. Within the next fortnight, yellow fever swept through the town leaving in its wake whole houses empted by death. Some blamed it on the water supply, some by the sick, slave but shortly after, the county seat was moved to what is now Eutow. This was in 1838, Erie continued to flourish a number of years, but slowly it fell into decay. Today, silence marks the spot. Across a narrow valley and on a fringe of the old town site nestled in the undergrowth are a number of tombstones marking the graves of the people. Taken from these stones are these: Eliza Caroline, wife of Philander Lavergy, died June 23, 1836. Margaret Ann Torbert died Nov. 6, 1836. Sidney Swoope Moore died September 28, 1843. Henry Lewis died May 23, 1833. James Monette died March 23, 1854. Water-fill impressions in the earth indicate the unmarked graves of others." p.55

He was 2nd order of court, James was paid $110 for furnishing the first courthouse. p.15. in 1820 in Greene Co. , Alabama.(13)
1820 Elias Zazenby says " Although no church historian whom we have read mentions Erie as a part of Greene Circuit, it is supposed that it was. This town incorporated Dec. 18 1820, was the first county seat of Greene County, although where it stood is now a part of Hale County, Erie flourished and much of the wealth of the county centered there."

He Deeded on Apr 19 1827 in Greene Co. , Alabama. (14) James Monnette deeds land to Thomas Herndon for the sum of $162.72 in the Town of Erie, Alabama.(GCDB-B p.329-330.)

He Deeded on Mar 4 1828 in Greene Co. , Alabama. (15) James Monette and James Dorrah deeded land to Franklin Roberson for the sum of $900. This is in the town of Erie, Greene County, Alabama. (GCDB-C p.92-93)

He Deeded on Mar 4 1828 in Greene Co. , Alabama. (16) James Monnett deeds land to Pleasant Wright for the sum of $450 in the town of Erie, Alabama. (GCDB-C p.76-77)

He Deeded on Apr 7 1828 in Greene Co. , Alabama. (17) James Monett purchaced land from James R. Coats.$550 " the East half of the South East quarter of section Thirty four in township Twenty one of Range Three East --Containing 80 Acres and Twenty five hundredths of an acre in the District of St. Stephens and State of Alabama. Elizabeth Coats, wife of James R. Coats received $1 for her share of the sale. Greene County, Ala.(GCDB-D p.9)

He Deeded on Jul 17 1832 in Greene Co. , Alabama. (18) James Monnett deeds land to Matthew Hubbert for the sum of $175 eight acres in St. Stephens. (GCDB-E p.335-336)

He land sales on Apr 20 1833 in Greene Co. , Alabama. (19) James Monnett to G.W. Roberts sold land for the sum of $135 in St. Stephens, 29 acres. (GCDB-F p.129-130)

He died on Mar 23 1834 in Greene Co. , Alabama. (20)(21) (22) A Photo of James Tombstone can be found in A GOODLY HERITAGE by Mary Morgan Glass, Editor.

Tombstone inscription:
Rejoice for a Brother deceases
our loss is his infinite gain
a soul out of prison released
and freed from this bodily drain
................. (cant read)
He had an estate probated on Apr 14 1834 in Greene Co. , Alabama. (23) Probate papers for James Monnette came to a total of 106 pages. He died without a will and there was a dispute as to the the property, etc. William F. Monette is appointed administrator of his deceased Father's estate.(GCWB-B p.148)

He was History of Eutaw in 1838 in Eutaw, Greene Co. , Alabama. (24) "Erie, which was situated on the east bank of the Warrior River had a scant water suppy, and a bad one, and its location was unhealthy. The demand for a new site for the county seat grew and caused much agitation. The County Court ordered an election to settle the issue in Aug., 1838. the vote was 985 for removal,and 893 for retaining. Then it was decided that the voters of the county west of the river would name a site, and the east would do likewise.Erie was named for the east side and Eutaw, a high plateau about three mile from the river, was named for the west. In the second vote the west won. Thus, in 1838 the county seat was moved from Erie to a point a mile southeast of Mesopotamia- the present Eutaw."

Note from the author: Betty Kirk Fritts and I visited the site of old Erie in Nov. 1995. After talking with several people in Eutaw and obtaining directions from Ralph Liverman, lawyer, we set sails for Old Erie. Not only was it the coldest day of the season it was also rainy and very muddy. After putting on all our clothing, we started out on the adventure to find Erie. The site is now a hunting club, there are hunting stands built every several hundred yards. We could hear shooting in the distance and were a little apprehensive to go since the only coat Betty had was a fur coat. She opened her red umberella and we started our hike. Betty's boots finally became so encrusted with mud she finally gave up her search. I went on and finally found the high bluff overlooking the river where the town once stood. It is a beautiful site and I can see why it was chosen for the town. Our search for the cemetery was in vain. There were so many groves of trees and they all had dense undergrowth, it was cold, my feet were muddy, and I was scared I was going to be taken for a deer. Another time in another year I want to return to Erie and search again. I think great, great, great grandfather James Monette would like that.

He was married to Rachel Fletcher on Jun 13 1802 in Greene Co. , Alabama.
Rachel Fletcher signed a will on Oct 12 1840 in Greene Co. , Alabama.(25) Rachell Monnett, Last will and testament dated 25 Sept 1840, probated 14 Dec 1840. John Wesley Monett named as Administrator. John Wesley Monett to have a Negro; his Sister, Nancy Sulivant $100, his Sister, Melissa Hutnell $100; also to Dianah Owens and Eda Owens; Samuel Monett's Children to have an equal part; Mary Jones $50; Betsy Pharris$50; William F. Monett $5. Witnesses: Samuel Crawford, Jonas Webb.(GCWB- B p.262)

She died on Dec 14 1840 in Greene Co. Alabama.
James Monette Rev and Rachel Fletcher had the following children:

child+5 i. John Wesley Monette.
child6 ii. James Fletcher Monette was born on Apr 8 1803 in Tennessee. (26) He appeared on the census in 1830 in Greene Co. , Alabama. (27) Wm F. Monnett:Males 1(under 5), 1 (20-30), Females 1 (15-20). p.383.

child+7 iii. Samuel Monnett.
child+8 iv. Rev. William Fletcher Monnett.
child+9 v. Elizabeth Monette.
child+10 vi. Dianna L. Monnett.
child+11 vii. Melissa Monnett.
child+12 viii. Mary Virginia Monnett.
child+13 ix. Edith 'Eda' Monette.
child+14 x. Nancy Monette.

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